Introducing Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster

  • Developing the background of professional sports and reinforcement: sports health, funding, organization development,
  • The support of the practical utilization of the R+D results achieved on the sector of sports and health promotion,
  • Popularization and marketing of healthy living, food and sports,
  • Common professional training programmes, preparation of sports events,
  • On basis of common development strategy, joint action to attracting the partners and resources to the region as well as to keep them,
  • Coordination of logistic means and tourism infrastructure that can be connected to professional and amateur sports, increase of utilization,
  • Initiative strategic cooperation with other domestic and foreign clusters, associations, clubs, economic representations.

  • Gathering and sharing the information concerning the cluster and the cluster’s members
  • Organization of events related to sports and healthy living,
  • Managing the Nagyerdei Football Stadium
  • Advice to the cluster’s members (R+D, tenders, best practices, generation and managing of projects, business planning)
  • The enhancement of the cooperation between the members, the quest of new cooperative possibility and creation of business opportunities,
  • Cluster representation and professional interest representation
  • Active member of the European Platform for Sport Innovation

Project plans
  • Introducing sport health care services (medical, doping, regeneration, rehabilitation) in collaboration with the University of Debrecen
  • Cross-Cluster Cooperation with other clusters in the field of sport and lifestyle
  • Sports marketing, market analyzing and researching activity, creation of a common image
  • Organizing sport events and conferences

The Sport Diagnostic, Lifestyle- and Therapy Center has opened its gates
2017-01-15 - 23:37:35

Campus Sport Fest 2016
2017-01-15 - 23:37:14

The MSE Cluster Ltd. received 28.459.200 HUF grant for accomplishing „Implementing an unique range of services for the operation of Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster” project. Project starts 01.01.2012, ends 06.30.2013.
Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster
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